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Future of Science Conference, 7-9 July 2019, AIMS Rwanda, Kigali Rwanda

We are accepting applications to participate in a conference on the theme of “The Future of Science,” which will be hosted by African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) and take place on 7-9 July 2019 at the AIMS campus in Kigali, Rwanda. 

The idea of this conference is to bring together top researchers from around the world to interact with postgraduate students and young researchers from Africa in a very informal and interactive setting. The programme will include talks on selected promising areas of research at a non-specialist level that a post-Masters level student in the sciences or mathematics would be able to follow. Topics will include fundamental physics, cosmology, machine learning, and selected areas of applied and pure mathematics.

The present lineup of confirmed keynote speakers (whose biographies are on the Speakers page) includes:

  • Alan Beardon (Pure Mathematics)
  • Jonathan Mboyo Esole (Superstring Theory)
  • Mouhamed Moustapha Fall (Pure Mathematics)
  • Mama Foupouagnigni (Mathematical Physics)
  • Steven Gratton (Cosmology)
  • Justin Jonas (Meerkat/Radio Astronomy)
  • Nick Kaiser (Large Scale Structure of the Universe)
  • Gisèle Mophou Loudjom (Partial Differential Equations/Mathematical Modelling)
  • Kavilan Moodley (Observational Cosmology)
  • Wilfred Ndifon (Mathematical Biology)
  • Samaya Nissanke (Gravitational Wave Detection)
  • Prince K Osei (Quantum gravity & Quantum Computing)
  • *Maria Salatino (Astronomical Instrumentation)
  • Kareljan Schoutens (Quantum Computing and Quantum Information)
  • Balazs Szendroi (Algebraic Geometry)
  • Neil Turok (Quantum Cosmology)

[* denotes remote participation]


There is no registration fee and meals will be provided. Limited financial support is available for accommodation and travel to Rwanda for young researchers from Africa. This will be distributed in part on the basis of academic record and likely benefit from the conference. We will be accepting applications in tranches and to receive full consideration please apply before 7 May 2019 to register your interest. Applications received thereafter will be considered if spaces are available.

Our Sponsors and Partners

This conference has been made possible thanks to generous support of David Coulson and Margaret Holen; Yang Wu and Yong Zhu; Perimeter Institute; Foundational Questions Institute (FQXi); Kavli Institute for Cosmology and Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge; African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS); International Center of Theoretical Physics (UNESCO, IAEA); Cambridge in America