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Registration Closed!

Registration is required but there is no fee. Meals will be provided for all participants and we hope to be able to provide accommodation for most of the out-of-town participants. A limited number of travel awards are available for young researchers from Africa. Participants will be selected based on their academic record and an assessment of how much they will benefit from taking part in the conference.

To receive full considerations applications should be received by 07 May 2019 when a first round of acceptances will be decided and applications received later will be considered according to space available.

Application deadline: 07 May 2019

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Our Sponsors and Partners

This conference has been made possible thanks to generous support of David Coulson and Margaret Holen; Yang Wu and Yong Zhu; Perimeter Institute; Foundational Questions Institute (FQXi); Kavli Institute for Cosmology and Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge; African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS); International Center of Theoretical Physics (UNESCO, IAEA); Cambridge in America